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The Institute’s founders

The Institute has been founded on April 28th, 2004 under the dynamic leadership of Professor Jean-Yves Desjardins. The colleagues he had trained had got together with him.

The Institute’s founders are the persons who have given their financial and professional support when the Institute was founded in order to insure the circulation and promotion of the Sexocorporel throughout Europe and America. These persons still deserve our admiration and gratitude.

Belgium :
    de Carufel François
    Hirch Esther
    de Sutter Pascal
Canada :
    Audette Nicole
    Desjardins Lise
    Desjardins Jean-Yves
    Tremblay Mélanie
France :
    Bonal Michèle
    Cabanis Catherine
    Chaaban Imad
    Chaffaï Isabelle
    Desbarats Maryvonne
    Delporte Brigitte
    Faure Patricia
    Guillebaud Elisabeth
    Inizan-Perdrix Paule
    Jablon Françoise
    Laurendeau-Petit Marie
    Montefiore Guy
    Mourichon Laure
    Nicolas Roland
    Nony Annick
    Parpaix François
    Petit Anna
    Pezet Laurence
    Quemin Didier
    Robert Corine
    Roux-Deslandes Claude
    Verga Jean-Noël
Italy :
    Bacia Giuliana
    Bavastro Giorgio
    Bertoni Virna
    Guerra Patrizia
    Porta Giovanni
    Todella Roberto
Morocco :
    Harakat Aboubakr
Switzerland :
    Amiot Neufeld Andrée-Marie
    Bettoli Lorenza
    Chatton Dominique
    Cousse Jean-Paul
    Gehrig Peter
    Goël Jean-Marie
    Moser Jean-Jacques
    Pasini Ursula
    Pause Christophe
    Pedrazzoli Jeffrey
    Pedrazzoli Yoko
    Robert Anne
    Rossi Linda
    Schütz Esther

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